Hand built road wheels

Spire Cycles - building bike wheels by hand for over twenty years

Here at Spire Cycles, hand building wheels as been at the heart of what we do since the start. I have been building wheels since 14 years of age. 26 years later, I have built thousands of wheels of varying types. Some have even been batches for World cup and UK professional teams.

All wheels that are built by me are all built to the same high standard where all spokes are individually checked for tension multiple times during the build process. This adds more time but ensures an accurate and durable wheel is produced which also maximises performance. With wheels, detail is key.

All wheels are built to order. This means each combination is perfectly tailored to the customers weight, riding style and budget. doing it this way, the results give the greatest durability and performance. It is now possible to hand build wheels that outperform the vast majority of factory wheels.

Build my wheels

Here is a sample of the most common wheel builds I can offer and tailor to your individual needs.


Pacenti Forza Wheelset price £375-£950

Pacenti offer the Forza in a variety of spoke drillings making it a very versatile rim Building race ready wheels to ultra durable long distance wheels. The key to the Pacenti is the with of 23mm and a 24mm aero profile. Very stiff and responsive, tubeless compatible and very comfortable because of the rim with enabling the tyre to have a much better profile.

Typical pair weight 1450-1600g

DT Swiss R411 Wheelset price £355-£930

A new offering from the renowned DT Swiss. A very stiff and reliable rim that builds really good responsive wheels with a slightly more traditional look. available in 28h and 32h. Not so wide as a Pacenti but can build a fantastic and responsive all round wheel set that can be raced or used for all day riding.

Typical pair weight 1450-1600g


Chris King

Simply the best available, made in USA. King hubs are engineering excellence, like a Swiss watch inside, just perfect in every way. If you want the best, buy King. They are dear, but are an investment as they will last for years and years.


Made in Hampshire, Royce is considered to be one of the worlds best hub manufacturers. Very fine workmanship and engineering, bullet proof even. A little heavier than other hubs but durability is the main focus of these hubs.


Made in Yorkshire by Hope. Superbly engineered hubs that run on stainless steel bearings and offer great value for such a good hub. Multiple colour choices, superb warranty and parts back up. Strong and reliable. Hubs are available for every fitment or solution.

DT Swiss

Made in Switzerland. Really good durable hubs that run on stainless steel bearings for the 240s. Built to a very high standard with good parts back up.


Sapim CXRay

The best, lightest, most durable spoke available. The CXRay is a narrow bladed aero spoke. If you want the best, they add an extra ‘Zing” to your wheels. Available in black or silver

Sapim Laser

Same weight as CXRay but in a round triple butted profile for a more traditional look and more affordable.

Sapim Race

A great value traditional round double butted durable spoke. Heavier than CX Ray and Laser and used where lower cost or stiffness are required.

Build my wheels

Matt Gibbons at work
Matt at work
Truing a road wheel
Truing a road wheel
Tension checking
Tension checking
Measuring hub dimension
Measuring hub dimension