Road bike servicing // Tri bike servicing

We can service your road bike or tri bike

If I have a bike in that I have not seen before or haven’t worked on for a long time, I assess it first and make a list of the required work to be done and then I contact the customer. I find this works well because more often than not a standard service will only scratch the surface. I will never hand a bike back half done.

Road bike servicing
Road bike servicing
Road bike
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Workshop service tools

Road bike servicing

Here is a brief summary of the typical jobs that have to be done on road bikes where I know their full history.

Generally a road bike will require a full service in-between standard services. However this is dependent on if it is a winter bike or an ultra high end race bike. Most servicing should be done around every 1500 miles for the average rider but I always tailor the recommendations to each customer.

Standard road bike service

£45.00 plus parts.

This will cover all adjustments required including basic replacement of parts such as cables, brake pads and the truing of wheels. If more complex parts need replacing, like a bottom bracket (b/b), then a small additional labour charge is made.

Full road bike service

£95.00 plus parts.

A full service is where the bike is practically stripped down to it’s component form and everything gets checked and either serviced, repaired or replaced. If it requires extensive replacement parts then I will always contact the customer beforehand to discuss cost and options.

Other typical services include full bike builds to minor repairs, adjustments or specialist frame repairs.

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