Carbon frame bike repairs

Typical repairs

The most common frame damage that I see is top tube fractures, seat stay and chain stay fractures. Some are more severe than others. It is not uncommon to have frames arrive with holes in the top tube or the chain or seat stays completely severed. However, over the years I have seen all kinds of damage. Two of the worst cases I have dealt with was a Tarmac SL3 with a hole in the seat tube the size of a golf ball and a Cervelo R5 with the dropout snapped off. The good news is that they are all repairable with the right skills and materials.

Each case is different and often requires differing amounts of work and processes to bring it back to full structural strength.

Most customers specify that their frame is restored back to as it was before the accident. This is quite possible. After a structural repair, your frame will go into the paint shop to have the paint restored and repaired. Again this is done by a very skilled artist who will restore the paint and graphics where required.

Carbon repairs.

Carbon frame repair
Basso carbon repair
Bike servicing
Carbon chain stay repair before paint
Broken chain stay
Completed Repair
Completed Repair
Fully repaired stork top tube
Fully repaired stork top tube
Fully completed seat stay repair
Completed seat stay repair
Ferrari F430 Carbon plenum repair
Ferrari F430 Carbon plenum repair
Ferrari F430 Carbon plenum renovation completed
Ferrari F430 Carbon plenum renovation completed

The process

The easy bit.

1) All you need to do is send me some pictures of the damage to my email address. I will inspect the pictures and give you an estimate and let you know of any potential issues if any. I will also give you a current time scale.

2) Put your bike or frame into a box and send to the address on my contact page with your name and contact details including a return address in the box.

3) Once your repair is complete, you will be sent an invoice for the work and return shipping.

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